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“Zeniya”was first founded as a Kyoto based money exchanger in 1805.
Today, more than 200 years later, the horizon of yesterday is but again, the horizon that defines the path for tomorrow.
In 2005, our company name evolved from Zeniya to ZYCC.
“Z” and “Y” were retained from the former, respecting the value of the history it carries.
“CC” represents Commitment, Confidence and Creative, reflecting our desire to remain a Creative
“Corporation” founded on Commitment and Confidence.
The anew horizon we pursue, resides on the business norms of commitment and performance.
Our belief in being customer-oriented / quality oriented, our value of human respect, our fulfillment of social obligations---
As a creative group conforming to social norm, we strive to generate new business models.



Broadening our Services is all about “People”.

The Sales staff takes the customer’s perspective as the producer committed to facilitating the project, involving a variety of people. The designers seek high quality space development through close collaboration with Sales and Engineers. This triune relationship is ZYCC’s business approach that ties directly to customer satisfaction. The lively exchange of opposing viewpoints is born through self-motivated yet collaborative staff interaction. This uncompromising approach allows the project to create both inner and external innovation, which as a corollary, leads to the re-building of business models.


New approaches to aspire business models